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"If you can imagine it, we can build it ..." has become our mantra at Atlanta web design and marketing firm Bleeding Edge as we move into the realms where technology meets imagination.

Atlanta based Bleeding Edge is a leader in providing website design, e-commerce, SEO, interactive website design and social media to a range of businesses. Specializing in breaking down the barriers between the web, multimedia, video and broadcast, Bleeding Edge has become a valuable resource to clients that want to radically transform their marketing efforts and achieve new levels of technological expertise.

What can our clients expect?

A talented group of creatives that mix technical expertise with an uncommon dedication to customer service that informs every project that they undertake - from complex, multi-layered projects for some of the world's largest international companies to quick marketing makeovers for small start-ups. We believe that by making informed decisions on strategy, marketing and delivery of your message, today's startups can be tomorrows industry leaders.

What are the areas of expertise at Bleeding Edge?

Atlanta web design firm Bleeding Edge is proficient in E-Strategy and web marketing; web development and copywriting; traditional graphic design as well as multimedia and Flash; high end programming and content management systems; search engine optimization that is interwoven with strategy and content creation. In addition, Bleeding Edge features in-house high definition video production that takes you from concept to completion and includes TV commercials, corporate promotional and instructional videos, music videos, electronic press kits, short films and documentaries. They were pioneers in the use of streaming video and use that expertise to take full advantage of the new opportunities in viral video campaigns and social media.

Atlanta web design and marketing firm Bleeding Edge. The place where technology meets imagination!

Atlanta Web Design and Marketing Firm Bleeding Edge offers our new product RockitWeb!
RockitWeb is our solution for start-ups that don't have the budget for a custom web design but need a site up quickly with a minimum of effort. Our prime directive with RockitWeb is to create a great looking site inexpensively and in a matter of days. Then you can master our simple content management system at your leisure. When your company is ready to expand, the set-up charge is credited toward the creation of your new custom site.
RockitWeb is Live! Take a look and tell us what you think!
snapshot of services

Web Design

Bleeding Edge is a leader in providing web development and new media to a range of businesses. Specializing in breaking down the barriers between web, video, print and broadcasting... read more

Graphic Design

In 1/20th of a second – less time than it takes to blink – users will make an aesthetic judgment about your website. A positive impression will color the rest of their experience in something called "the halo effect"... read more


We have built an array of custom content management systems and interactive sites including complex database integration in real estate, employee benefits, health services and more... read more


At Bleeding Edge, we focus on closing the gap between marketing and sales. We take the unique value your company offers and create messaging and tactics for reaching your demographic in the most cost effective way possible... read more


At Bleeding Edge we are on a mission to craft creative, compelling content. Content that is optimized for search engines. That reaches your audience and converts them to customers. Powerful, clear messaging that calls readers to action... read more


A strategy session is an invaluable starting point and marketing tool that provides the framework for everything that follows, from content creation and web development to complete advertising and marketing campaigns... read more


Search Engine algorithms are changing continuously. Off-page rankings have become as important as on page factors and keyword metatags have become unimportant. You need a partner to keep abreast of changes... read more

Hosting & Maintenance

We offer competitive hosting packages through our subsidiary RockitWeb as well as assistance guiding our clients through the world of domain registrations and management, name servers, mail servers and control panels... read more


With the explosion of online advertising channels like Adwords, Ad networks, and viral video, this landscape is changing in a dynamic and robust way. How do we combine "old school" ads with new platforms most effectively?... read more

HD Video Production

Bleeding Edge began as a full service video production house in 1999. From script writing and storyboarding through filming, scoring, editing and motion graphics – whether for broadcast TV or the web, we deliver!... read more

Flash Design

Flash Design covers a lot of territory. Technologies that create a dialogue with consumers, providing materials or information on demand, are extremely effective in guiding consumers through the purchase process... read more

Social Media

Social media is a dialogue. If you can talk to your customers, you can influence them. Managing the plethora of venues and opportunities is the challenge. Bleeding Edge can guide you through the maze... read more
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